30 Days of Happy Mail Challenge

30 Days of Happy Mail Challenge

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30 Days of Happy Mail Challenge by Just Love Prints


You know what's amazing? God created you to be alive at this time in history for a reason, and the people in your life are in need of a light that only you can bring.  Happy mail is one way you can spread love, joy, and hope to the world. It's time to shine, girl! 🔥 Are you up for the challenge?

What is this challenge all about?

30 days. 30 recipients. Let's be Christ's hands and feet...through happy mail! What is happy mail, you ask? It can be a handwritten letter, a handmade card, an envelope filled with some stickers or small goodies, a package, a gift, gift card, etc.

First things first

You'll need some supplies. Stamps and envelopes are a must (unless you're sending your happy mail directly from an online store), but beyond that, it's totally up to you!

    Stamps - Pick some up from the post office, or order at USPS.com or Stamps.com
    Envelopes - I recommend 5x7 so you have more room to add goodies
    Cards and Stationery - Here are some of my faves.
    Stickers or Temporary Tattoos - Christian stickers and Catholic temporary tattoos fit nicely in an envelope. You can even send directly to a friend with a gift note!
    Printable Stationery - Find some free printable stationery here. 
    Coloring Pages - Find some free Catholic Coloring pages here.

    Tag us in your happy mail adventures on Instagram here, or use #JLPhappymailchallenge! Download a checklist of each day's prompts and some free printable stationery here.

    Okay, here we go! I challenge you to send some happy mail to...

    1. Someone with a birthday coming up

    Quarantine birthdays...womp. Get creative, and add some joy to their day with a special birthday card or gift.

    2. Someone who recently had to reschedule a major life event

    Weddings, graduations, First Holy Communions, Confirmations, Baptisms, bridal showers, baby showers...the list goes on! Send some hope + love to someone who falls into this category, and let them know that you're thinking of them.

    3. A new mom

    Postpartum life is joyful + hard. Send some happy mail to a mama who just gave birth. It doesn't matter if this is her first child or her fifth, she will appreciate your kindness. Trust me.

    St. Gianna "Sipping with the Saints" Vinyl Sticker

    St. Gianna


    Enjoy your mornings prayerfully & with some caffeine - courtesy of St. Gianna! "The secret to happiness is to live moment by moment." This sticker would make a nice addition to your water bottle, laptop, phone, or notebook. A nice… Read More

    4. Your parish priest

    Send a pick-me-up letter to a priest and let him know you appreciate him. As difficult of a time this is for Catholic laypeople to be away from the Church and the sacraments, it is also difficult for our shepherds to be apart from their flocks. Furthermore, parishes are struggling monetarily during this time. Be sure to continue tithing online, and discern whether you should donate a bit more to financially help your parish.

    5. A nursing home

    The elderly in nursing homes are missing loved ones now more than ever. Send a card or color a picture. It will brighten their day. Look up the address to a local nursing home, or if you'd like a suggestion, my sister used to work in a nursing home and she says the residents could definitely use some cheer! Here's the address which was given with permission:

    Putnam Nursing and Rehab
    Activities Department
    404 Ludingtonville Rd
    Holmes, NY 12531

    6. Someone who could use a pep talk

    Send your friend a pep talk! These prints come in a pack of 16 with lines on the back for writing your message. Click here  to see which Christian quotes come in the series. Each print has an inspirational Christian message, a quote from scripture, or a quote from a Catholic saint.

    7. A healthcare worker 

    Send a pick-me-up to someone in the medical field. I have a friend who wears our "Be not Afraid" temporary tattoos when she is treating COVID patients. Remind them that they are strong, capable, and so loved. 

    Lil' Pick-Me-Up Bundle

    Lil' Pick-Me-Up Bundle

    $14.99 $21.96

    Snag a discounted bundle or two to send to your friends, your grandma, or yourself. They fit nicely in Christmas stockings, or Easter baskets!  Want to send this bundle directly to a friend or family member? Simply input their mailing… Read More

    8. A grocery store

    What's your go-to local grocery store? Write a thank you card, and thank the employees for their service during this time.

    9. A teacher

    Write to a teacher who has made a difference in your or a family member's life.

    Love First, Then Teach Vinyl Sticker

    Love First, Then Teach Vinyl Sticker


    This design was inspired by the words of Saint Mother Theodore Guerin who once said, "Love the children first, and then teach them." Grab a bunch of these vinyl stickers for your favorite teachers, ministers, or leaders in your life.… Read More

    10. Someone who is sick

    Send a card to a loved one who is sick with any illness.

    Surrender to Jesus Vinyl Sticker

    Surrender to Jesus Vinyl Sticker


    "O Jesus, I surrender myself to You. Take care of everything!" This quote is part of the Surrender Novena, and is a beautiful prayer to recite when you'd like to give Jesus all of your trust. Special quantity discounts are… Read More

    11. An extrovert

    I joked with my fellow introverted friend that we are welcoming this quarantine with open arms. But, joking aside, I think we should check on our extroverted friends who are craving in-person interaction now more than they probably ever have. 

    12. A child

    Look up some knock-knock jokes or fun animal facts and send a cute card to a little kid. You can also color them a picture, or send them some blank coloring sheets for them to color! Download a bundle of (6) uplifting coloring pages here. It will brighten his or her day!

    Catholic coloring page faith over fear

    13. Someone who's fallen away from the Faith

    Reach out, in love, to someone who has fallen away from their Catholic Faith. You can keep your letter lighthearted by sharing a fun fact about your favorite saint, writing or hand-lettering your favorite Bible verse or quote, or simply telling them that they're in your prayers.

    14. Someone you've lost touch with

    Who is the first person that came to mind when you read this prompt? You know what to do!

    15. Your future self

    Write a letter to your future self. Record your current struggles and triumphs. Keep it in a safe place to open in (at least) a year. 

    16. A neighbor

    Or all of your neighbors! You can create little cards for your neighbors and place inside each of their mailboxes. (Disclaimer: Remember to wash your hands after touching all of the mailboxes!) If you don't live in a walking neighborhood, snail mailing a letter to a neighbor will work just fine.

    17. Pope Francis

    Yes, you can send mail to the Holy Father in Rome! Here's a guide on how and where to send it.

    18. Your favorite Catholic ministry

    There are so many! Chastity Project, Dynamic Catholic, Lifeteen, FOCUS, Christ in the City - I could go on and on! Choose your favorite and send a letter thanking them for their ministry.

    19. An American soldier

    Our heroes would love to hear from us. Send them some uplifting happy mail, or simply thank them for their service. Here's a guide on how and where to send it.

    20. Your grandparents

    They spoiled you growing up, and now it's your turn to spoil them. Send them something that will brighten their day! If your grandparents are not alive, pray to their heavenly souls for guidance and protection.

    21. Your favorite Catholic role model

    There are so many! Leah Darrow, Jason Evert, Crystalina Evert, Matt Fradd, Cameron Fradd, Fr. Mike Schmitz, Matthew Kelly, Mark Hart, Bishop Robert Barron, Chris Steffanick - I could go on and on! Choose one and send a letter thanking them for their light!

    22. A pregnant mama

    Pregnancy is beautiful but tough. Being pregnant during a pandemic? That is a whole new level of stress. Send a pick-me-up to a mama who is expecting - a card, baby clothes (the cuter the better!), or some temporary tattoos she can use as mantras during labor.

    Be Not Afraid St. John Paul II Temporary Tattoo

    23. A social media friend

    Is there someone you follow on Instagram or a "Facebook acquaintance" that you wish you could get to know in "real life"? Pick someone and non-creepily ask for their address. Then, send a little cheer their way!

    24. A small business

    What's your favorite small business? It can be a Catholic business, a boutique, an Etsy shop, etc! Send them some happy mail thanking them for bringing beauty into the world through their work.

    25. Your mail carrier

    Our mail carriers are on the front lines making sure our mail is delivered each and every day. There are specific "gift rules" that USPS mail carriers must abide by, but a card is acceptable and would be cherished! You could even go a step further by writing to the postmaster of the particular post office that your mail carrier works at, praising your mail carrier and giving specific examples of when he or she went beyond the call of duty to deliver your mail.

    26. The friend you'd be lost without

    You know the one. Send him or her some happy mail!

    27. Someone you've wronged in the past

    "If we are not capable of apologizing, it means we are not capable of forgiveness either. … Many hurt feelings, many lesions in the family begin with the loss of those precious words: 'I am sorry.' In married life there are many arguments … but I advise you never to let the day end without making peace. And for this, a small gesture is enough.” -Pope Francis

    28. Someone you need to forgive

    My goodness, forgiveness is hard. I'm praying for your strength to approach and make amends with who or what is weighing you down. Pray to God for guidance, and know that He is with you.

    29. Someone living alone

    Reach out to a friend or family member who is living alone at this time. Your happy mail will be a pleasant surprise!

    30. And, last but not least, your parents

    Send something rad to your mom and dad. You'll make their day!


    Remember to tag us in your happy mail adventures on Instagram here, or use #JLPhappymailchallenge! Download a checklist of each day's prompts and some free printable stationery here.

    Happy Mail Printable Stationery

    Happy Mail Printable Stationery


    This printable stationery freebie is part of the 30 Days of Happy Mail Challenge. You know what's amazing? God created you to be alive at this time in history for a reason, and the people in your life are in need… Read More




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