How to Create Your Own Catholic Mug Gift

How to Create Your Own Catholic Mug Gift

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Ready to create your own Catholic mug you can gift to your favorite Catholic teachers, Catholic priests, and Catholic friends? It’s a simple process, made even easier by the fact that all Just Love Prints stickers are dishwasher safe, meaning you’ll never worry about fading colors or peeling edges.

This simply DIY will have everyone asking, “Where did you get that mug?” So if you’ve grown tired of the cookie-cutter mugs at your local Home Goods or Target, try a hand at making your own, Catholic mug that can't be found anywhere else. Let's go!

Step One: Choose your mug

Whether it’s a plain mug or a coffee travel tumbler you’re hoping to jazz up, choose your beverage container to sticker-fy! I'm a big fan of the cute & simple blank mugs at the Dollar Store. Next, make sure the mug you choose is clean and dry so that the stickers will easily adhere to the surface. 

Create your own Catholic mug gift with our dishwasher safe stickers

Step Two: Pick your stickers

What look are you going for to showcase your favorite Just Love Prints stickers? There’s the “one and done,” which looks great with larger stickers that featuring writing – such as the Call Your Mama, Punch the Devil in the Face, and Surrender to Jesus stickers, to name a few. 

Or, you can take the decoupage approach of covering your mug with as many of your favorites that fit! I find this a particularly fun with colorful stickers on a white mug, like the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, Whatever God Wants, and Fiat Bouquet stickers. 

Whether you’re going for a floral explosion, a simple focus on a Bible passage or quote, or a mix of favorites, you’ll surely find the perfect one. Plus, if you really can’t decide, why not try the Mystery Sticker Bundle?

You can find all Just Love Print stickers here, where you can order individually or in bulk – mug decorating party, anyone?

Catholic Mug Gift - Choose your Catholic Sticker

Step Three: Stick ‘em on!

Now that you’ve done the hardest part, it’s time for the fun! Is there anything more satisfying than peeling the backing off a new sticker and smoothing it down? Lay your mug on its side on a flat surface, peel the backing off your new Just Love Prints stickers, and add them on, making sure to smooth the sticker so that it’s just where you want it.Catholic Mug Gift idea with our Dishwasher Safe Catholic Stickers

Step Four: Enjoy your brand new, custom mug

Once you’ve added all your stickers, sit back, fill up your mug with your favorite drink, and enjoy! All our Catholic vinyl stickers are durable, weatherproof, waterproof, and dishwasher safe, so you don’t need to panic if that early morning coffee gets left on the patio and meets a surprise rainstorm, or if your spouse sticks your mug in the dishwasher next to the spaghetti-sauce covered plates.  

Bonus Step: Share your mug with others

Because your mug designs are, of course, out of this world, feel free to snap a pic and share your newest creation online. Be sure to tag @justloveprints so I can see our stickers in their new home!

Catholic Mug Gift DIY with Catholic Stickers

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