NFP for the Win: My Personal Testimony

NFP for the Win: My Personal Testimony

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This is my personal testimony about how Creighton NFP and NaProTechnology has helped my family.

I started learning Natural Family Planning (the Creighton Model) when I was just out of college. I wasn't engaged or married yet, but my friend who was a fertility care practitioner told me the benefits of charting my cycle. Once I had charted my signs for a few months, I brought my chart to my NaProTechnology doctor, Dr. Anne Nolte. She's a Catholic GYN who specializes in fertility care and NaProTechnology. Click here to find a NaPro doctor near you (many can consult virtually, too). She looked at my chart and was immediately able to pinpoint that I have low Progesterone. Progesterone is a vital hormone in pregnancy, and if my levels are too low, it could result in a miscarriage. With Cora, our pregnancy was a surprise, and I was not taking any Progesterone at the time. My levels were drastically lower than with my other two pregnancies, and by the time we knew we were pregnant, it was too late.

Creighton is a scientifically proven method that has helped me take charge of my fertility, especially when I was at a dead end with my regular primary care doctors and OB's. I am pregnant with baby #4 now and go to a local birthing center for my prenatal care. The midwives are perfectly okay with the fact that I see Dr. Nolte separately to manage my fertility issues during pregnancy. If your OB is giving you grief about this, either find a new OB or simply do not share the hormonal side of your prenatal care with them. Dr. Nolte has me get my blood drawn every 1-2 weeks to make sure my hormones are balanced for healthy mama and baby. She reads the results and adjusts my pill dosages accordingly. 

If you've never heard of Creighton or NaProTechnology, I'd love to encourage you to look into them. Praise God for good doctors, great science, and healthy babies! Let's make miscarriages rare again. (Take that, Satan!) 

If you're using birth control - please take a leap of faith and learn how to chart your cycles from a certified fertility care practitioner. Birth control suppresses your body's symptoms and warning signs. Do you have painful periods? Heavy periods? Brown or black bleeding? Spotting in the middle of your cycle? These are warning signs that your body uses to tell you that something may be off. Birth control merely suppresses these symptoms - it does not heal the underlying cause(s) (endometriosis, hormone imbalance, cervical cyst, etc) Not to mention, birth control is a known carcinogen that can increase your risk of breast and other types of cancers. Charting your cycles enables you to gain control of your fertility naturally and solve underlying issues, thus healing your body. What a gift! 

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