A letter to the girl saving (or re-saving) herself for her future husband...

A letter to the girl saving (or re-saving) herself for her future husband...

When others call you old fashioned, know that you are noble, radiant, and strong.⠀

When it's tempting to text the ex you know is wrong for you, put the phone down and call on Mama Mary instead.⠀

On days when you wonder if your future husband will ever come along, know that God is preparing your hearts to meet and grow together. ⠀

When the guilt of your past creeps up on you, recognize God's mercy and love, run to confession if you haven't already, and tell the devil to back off.⠀

When you walk down the aisle on your wedding day, there will be no fear, stress, or mockery - just pure joy, freedom, and love. ⠀

🙏 You've got this, girl. God honors those who allow Him to write their love stories. Give God the permission, and hand Him the pen. 

Have you made a list yet? 💌 If you're feeling stuck in a bad relationship or stuck in your singleness, go to a quiet place with a journal and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal the qualities you deeply desire in a spouse. Set your standards HIGH, girl! 🙌🏻 There ARE men who will rise to meet them. You deserve the very best. Allow God to write your story. 📝

After a breakup in college, I decided to write a list of qualities I desired in my future spouse. I wrote about 20 things such as "puts God before me, deeply cares about his family, doesn't curse, doesn't get drunk, etc." I thought, "This guy doesn't exist." I decided to just set my sights on God and step out of His way. And, when I was least expecting it, He surprised me with Vinnie - who met and far surpassed anything I had written on my list. ⠀

Everyone's story is different, of course, but I pray that you are inspired to run toward God.  Will you allow Him to show you the path He has dreamed for you, his beloved? ♥️⠀I am praying for you!