A letter to the girl walking through a season of singleness

This has been on my heart lately. If you're in a season of singleness & feel that God is calling you to the vocation of marriage, take a deep breath because God has amazing things in store for you, and I'm so excited for Him to reveal them when the time is right. I am praying for you, girl!

Season of singleness

This is something that I wrote in college before meeting Vinnie:

"Imagine you're walking down the road with Jesus. The two of you are talking, when suddenly you notice that there is somebody walking on Jesus' other side. You squint your eyes to see who the person is, but his face is unclear. When you ask Jesus, He replies, 'I can't tell you yet. Just keep talking with me, and when you're ready, I'll reveal him to you.’⠀

-A few years later-⠀

After a long conversation with Jesus, He says, 'I have someone I want you to meet. I've been preparing you to meet him, and I've been preparing him to meet you.⠀

I know every hair on his head - just as I know every hair on yours. I know his fears, his doubts, his joys, and his triumphs - just as I know yours. I know his deepest secrets, his greatest dreams - just as I know yours. I've carefully selected this man for you, and you for him. ⠀

Your love for each other will be so great, it will be able to withstand any storm. It takes three for a love this great to exist between a man and a woman. As long as you keep walking with me, and talking with me, your relationship will be impenetrable, because I am at the center.’"


I've created a PDF printable download of this writing for you to share with your friends, family members, youth group, Bible studies, and beyond! Click the image below. I'm praying for you!

Printable Jesus Love Letter