How To Save Your Marriage Before You Meet Your Spouse

In 2007, my junior year of high school, Jason Evert came to speak to the student body about chastity. As we were shuffled into the auditorium that morning, I mentally prepared myself to endure what I thought would be an awkward “sex talk.”  Little did I know, my life would soon be changed forever.

The talk began, and Jason immediately captivated every single student with his upbeat stories, humor, and down to earth nature. His words made me think twice about how I was living and who I was dating. As a result of his talk, I began sticking up for my beliefs and holding out for the love story I knew in my heart God was writing for me. I realized that I was failing to see how God wanted to write my love story because I was too busy trying to write it myself. But that day, I decided to give God the pen.

2,890 miles away, another high school junior had been greatly impacted by Jason Evert’s talk at his high school just two months prior to Jason’s visit to my high school. This young man began to set aside all worries and put his trust in God’s plans. He said a prayer in his heart that one day he might meet a woman whom he could call his best friend for the rest of his life.

I met that young man, Vinnie, in 2010, and we dated for four years. Vinnie proposed to me on September of 2014, and we recently got married this past September!  I can’t imagine life without my husband – my best friend – my partner in crime.  We realize that we were not brought together by coincidence but by “God-incidence.” Our story is proof that God blesses those who place their trust in His authorship.

This past October, Jason came to speak at my home parish. I told him how his ministry has impacted my husband and I since we last saw him 8 years ago!

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