33 simple ways to combat anxious feelings

As many of you know, this pregnancy has been a season of joy as well as anxious feelings for me. Anyway, I jotted down all of the ways I've been combating the anxious feelings in hopes that they will help you or someone you know who is in a rut (pregnant or not!) Prayers for you, sister! 

  1. Give it to God & go to sleep
    Keep a notebook by your bedside and write down every anxious thought swirling around your head before you go to bed. Give them to God, and go to sleep!

  2. Force yourself to go outside
    ...even if it's just to grab the mail from your mailbox.

  3. Pause. Pray.
    "Come, Holy Spirit."

  4. Start your Christmas shopping
    Shopping for others can be fun, and getting a leg up on shopping will relieve a lot of stress during the Advent Season, allowing you to focus on Jesus.

  5. Thrift it up!
    Go to the thrift store and buy an old mirror or coffee table & give it new life!

  6. Pray a rosary
    ...or just a decade! If this isn't your favorite form of prayer, try sleeping with it under your pillow or in your hands for added comfort & protection from Mama Mary.

  7. Treat yourself
    Can you say pedicure? Chick-fil-A? Soft serve ice cream? Yes, girl. Do it.

  8. Pick a day & go to daily mass
    Write it on your calendar so you don't forget.

  9. Give your room a makeover
    Surround yourself with images that will remind you that God's got your back. This one's my favorite:

  10. Gratitude goes a long way
    Grab a journal or a spare piece of paper and write down 3 things you're thankful for today in this moment.

  11. Ask for prayer
    This might feel awkward to reach out to friends or family for prayer, but can be a total game changer!

  12. Soak up some sun
    Grab a comfy chair and sit outside.

  13. Change your bed sheets
    There's just something about fresh bed sheets that has the power to improve anyone's mood!

  14. Start something new
    What's your dream? Today, take one small step toward it. I totally recommend Chip Gaines' book, Capital Gaines, for some added inspiration! If you're dreaming up a creative venture, I've compiled a bundle of resources for Catholic Creatives here. 

  15. Love ya!
    Write a card to a friend or family member you love. Grab some cards from your stash or snag one of these.

  16. Wear a crucifix or a Miraculous Medal
    Bonus points if it's blessed!

  17. Breathe.

  18. Take a day-cation.

  19. Watch this video.
    Instant mood changer for me. 

  20. Coloring: not just for kiddos
    Grab a coloring book and get busy. The dishes can wait. 

  21. Wear a temporary tattoo to remind you to KEEP. GOING.
    Lots of good ones to choose from here. This one's my favorite though!

  22. Mirror, mirror...
    Find your favorite Scripture verse and tape it to your mirror. Say it out loud daily.

  23. Hello, pumpkin spice candles!
    What's your favorite season or scent? Grab a candle and let yourself be immersed in the aroma. 

Here are some great suggestions from my Instagram followers. Thank you to everyone who contributed these great ideas!

  1. "Smile when you're anxious and visualize yourself somewhere. A place where you're happy and healthy. Like the beach, traveling, sitting listening to the rain, campfire with friends, etc." @schroederstitchery

  2. "Truly invest in your hobbies or anything that makes you happy! Take time for yourself." @lola.martin

  3. "Brain dump & make lists." @humblemissionbeads

  4. "Work out. Get back to nature." @thelittlethingsfloral

  5. "Listen to Needtobreathe." @marybobary

  6. "Take time for yourself, even when it feels like you have NO time. Adoration is always peaceful too." @cblaar97

  7. "Consistent exercise! Get yourself moving to produce the happy hormones!" @philomena_02

  8. "I find lavender helps. Candles, oils, lavender cuttings under my pillow..." @tamsincauchi

  9. "Baths with epsom salts, lavender, and oils." @togetherthetoveys

  10. "God is the Blessed Controller of all things, so repeat a prayer mantra like 'Jesus, I need you,' 'Mary, bring me strength through your Son,' 'Come, Holy Spirit.'" @togetherthetoveys