A love letter from Jesus

This is something I wrote in college as a "Jesus Valentine" and handed out to my Campus Ministry team on Valentine's Day. Some people were bummed that they didn't have Valentines, but reading this letter, they realized that Jesus was and is their forever Valentine. I, personally, need to read this every day & be reminded of His love. I'm praying for you!

Love letter from Jesus

"My love, ⠀

I want to remind you of a few things:⠀

You are so precious to me.⠀

I always long to talk with you.⠀

I will never leave you. Ever.⠀

I am so proud of the steps you've taken to become the person you are at this very moment.⠀

I love you in good times and in bad times.⠀

I love your personality quirks.⠀

I will always listen to everything you have to say. Every word is precious to me.⠀

I will never hurt or disappoint you.⠀

I always want to hold your hand and lead you through life.⠀

If you come to me when you make mistakes, I will forgive you no matter how badly you’ve messed up.⠀

I know everything that is in your heart, and I know everything that is on your mind.⠀

I know what is best for you, and I will always DO what is best for you.⠀

I will never turn my back on you.⠀

You are my best friend.⠀

Not only will I love you today...but tomorrow. And the next day. And the day after that. Forever.⠀ Unconditionally.⠀ ⠀

I love you and you are mine."⠀


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Jesus Love Letter Valentine