#FutureSuperDads: 6 Ways to Set the Stage for Greatness

#FutureSuperDads: 6 Ways to Set the Stage for Greatness

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Wanna be the best dad ever one day? If you're a single Catholic guy, I hope these ideas inspire you on your road to holiness.  


 In marriage, the goal is to serve your family in a way that will get your wife and children to heaven one day.
 Action steps: Practice serving others now by volunteering your time at your Parish, a pregnancy crisis center, or a soup kitchen.


Rid your life of every habit that will not lead your family closer to Christ. Porn, for example, is one of the leading causes of marital distress and divorce. Honor your future bride and children by ditching it now.

 Action steps: Read "The Porn Myth" by Matt Fradd. Install @covenant.eyes on all of your devices. Listen to the "Lust is Boring" podcast. Follow @fightthenewdrug. Run to confession and receive Christ's healing and graces as often as you need.


Receive the Sacraments. Go to daily Mass when you can, and visit the confessional often.

Action step: If you want to know more about your Catholic Faith, I recommend YouTubing any @fathermikeschmitz talks - especially his Ascension Presents series. He totally has a gift for breaking down the Faith in a way that is tangible and relatable.


 Seek out counseling for past wounds now. In marriage, these wounds find their way to the surface pretty quickly. If you need healing (who doesn't?), seek out a Cathoilc therapist, a spiritual director, or just a good priest you can talk to.

Action step: Visit Catholictherapists.com for a directory of Catholic therapists to help you on your journey toward healing.


Save the gift of yourself for your wedding night. Practicing self-restraint for love of your future bride and family is HOLY and NOBLE (and pretty dang attractive) and will be the best gift to them.

Action step: If you've messed up, run to Confession and receive healing. Read "The Dating Blueprint" by @jasonevert.


Lean on the Saints who have run this race before and have come out triumphant. Lean on Godly men and family members. Lean on holy mentors.

Action step: Join a youth group, or Men's Group at a nearby Parish. Look into @e90official. Check out @heypjk's A Catholic Guide to Adulting course.

Give God the desires of your Heart and he will surprise you with a story better than what you could have imagined. I'm praying for you, brother!

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